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Are you facing workplace discrimination because of your religion?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Harassment & discrimination

In America, you have the right to believe in and practice the faith or religion of your choice. Having this right means that employers cannot discriminate against you because of your religion (or for any protected reason).

Despite these rights, many workers in California still experience religious discrimination. You may already know that you can seek a legal remedy for workplace discrimination. However, many employees do not know what actions are prohibited.

Examples of religious discrimination in the workplace

If you have a sense that people in your work environment are treating you differently than your colleagues, you may wonder if it is discrimination. Seeing some examples of religious discrimination can help you determine if you need help with your situation. They include:

  • Refusing to promote you because of your religious beliefs
  • Holding you to a different work standard than those with other religious beliefs
  • Making fun of your religious garb or hairstyle (such as a head covering or dreadlocks)
  • Demanding that you stop wearing religious garb or accessories
  • Refusing to make accommodations for your religion (such as time off for a religious holiday)
  • Harassing you because of your religion or spiritual beliefs

Making it harder for you to get promoted than it is for other workers with similar skills

One or two isolated incidents of behaviors like those above might not be enough to cause a problem. If the behavior continues or increases, you have the right to seek a solution. Learning more about employment law and workplace discrimination can help you find a remedy to improve your employment situation.